One of our favorite projects was the construction of dormitories for the Binghampton Christian Academy, located on Tillman Street near Walnut Grove.

The Story

In the early 1990’s, Mrs. Jo Walt was led by God to do something for the hurting children in the Binghampton community. As a result, The Neighborhood School was created to offer a Christian education for children from kindergarten through the eighth grade. Many children who enrolled in the school had fallen between the cracks in public schools, and were facing numerous barriers to becoming academically, financially and spiritually successful.

The school opened in August of 1993 in the gymnasium of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church with fifteen students and one teacher. One year later, the school moved to its present location with three teachers and twenty-six students. The name was later changed to Binghampton Christian Academy. The school currently consists of twelve teachers, 140 students, and a support staff.

In 2008, our company was called upon to build dormitories for the school. Prior to that time, the residential program had operated in a small house that housed the five boys with the greatest need. Upon completion of our project, the school had two additional dormitory buildings – one for boys and one for girls.

The dormitories are designed to operate like a traditional home. They each consist of a long hall with several shared bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room area. This allows the residents and house parents to operate much like a traditional family.

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